Tango Sofa

Product Info:

Tango Sofa One of the most luxurious models designed for the ultimate comfort and relaxation. Would perfectly fit into your living room to make it the most glamorous room of your house.  Made out of Premium Molfino fabric, premium PU rexin and  Kurl-on foams. Available in combinations of 3 seater, 2 seater and 1 seater.  Your ultimate dream sofa is extremely rich, spacious and adds designer value to your living room.

3 seater + 1 seater + 1 seater                                                                           

Product Size                   

3 seater- 6.25ft (L) X 3ft (B) X 3ft (H)

2 seater- 4.5ft (L) X 3ft (B) X 3ft (H)

1 seater- 3ft (L) X 3ft (B) X 3ft (H)

Fabric Material – Rexin PU

Fabric Colour- Mixed

These are offered under our registered trade mark Oak n’ Oak. The brand name is embossed on the wood part and also stitched on to the fabric part of the product for identifying our products from the others in the market. Watch out for this brand which covers special warranty. These are made at our world class factory with most sophisticated machineries imported from Japan, Italy, USA, UK, Taiwan etc.

Model # CS 002
  • Fabric material
    PU and Designer fabric mix
  • Product Size
    6.25ft X 3ft X 3ft
  • Fabric color